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Fixed Assets
Fixed Assets Purchase
Fixed Assets Location Transfers
Fixed Assets Disposal
Fixed Assets Sales
Fixed Assets Movements
Fixed Assets Inquiry
Process Depreciations
Locations, Categories and Classes

Banking and General Ledger

Open general ledger accounts, account classes and groups
Record journal entries and budget entries
Generate ledger accounts detailed enquiries with drill down reports
Make journal enquiries with an option to view journal entries
Closes the fiscal year and brings forward retained earnings


Print, Email and Convert into PDF; all the reports
Export the reports in MS Excel/Open Office Calc format
Generate reports on periodic and financial years basis
Email documents directly to customers
Make graphical analysis (Horizontal/Vertical Bars, Dot Lines, Pies and Donuts)
Tag and save report selections

Accounting Software, Best Package

Express Network Solutions is a company specializing in the design of web solutions for the management of your business
ENS Accounting software assists accountants in recording and reporting a firm’s financial transactions.
This solution is used by bookkeepers, accounting professionals, and business owners to process accounting transactions and manage accounts.

Automates accounting tasks, with our Accounting Software
Reduce chances of error
Express Accounting Software gives a professional output
Contains a number of ready to use reports
Helps to manage all aspects of business
i.e. from job costing to inventory management to financial statements

Accounting Software

Advanced Features

Multi-Currency Support

  • Currency Rates
  • Multi-Currency Bank Accounts, Customers And Suppliers

Progressed GST/VAT

  • GST/VAT can be chosen on Customer, Supplier and Item premise
  • Progressed GST/VAT report for subtleties and yields/inputs

Language Support

  • Full help for confinement by the GNU’s bundle
  • Multi language uphold with option to left help in Arabic language
  • Diverse outline of records can be introduced and actuated
  • Jalali and Islamic schedules are upheld

Different Details

  • Each report can be messaged and printed at the same time
  • PDF can be designed for each report
  • Ventures, Cost Centers, Departments can be added, utilizing Dimensions

Features of Express Accounting​



ENS ACCOUNTING is Open Source, released under General Public License. A version of this license is included in the ENS ACCOUNTING Package, license. the license depends on the copyright holder of the extension code decision. Check the license terms in documentation bundled in the module package.

First, check the Forum and Wiki for similar behavior. Eventually, ask for help here.
If you have not found any information about the issue, but the application behaves buggy you should set the global variable $go_debug to value 1. This variable is found at the beginning of the file config.php in the root folder of the installation. This setting will show you eventually warnings and/or errors that can help you further.
If you still have no error messages displayed, or you have noticed red warning triangle at the top of the page (timeout error) try to use ENS ERP application in non-ajax fallback mode. To do it:
switch javascript off in your browser
logout from FA application, then log in again
After this procedure both application and browser are switched to the non-javascript mode which can unhide any otherwise invisible error messages. If you encounter no messages but you observe long delays and slow responsiveness of the application your server is probably overloaded. In this case, contact your server administrator for help, or consider a change of your FA hosting service.

First look in the Install / Update Extensions page in the Setup tab, if there are some of the extensions that you can use. If not, and you are a skilled PHP programmer yourself, you can write an extension yourself. Look into one of the existent extensions to see how this is done.
If this doesn’t help, you can put a question on the Jobs Wanted / Offered Forum. Please be specific about what you want to be done.

If something went wrong during installation, please look into the Installation Forum to see if your problem can be found here. Otherwise, place a question here.

First, restore database from the dump file created before the upgrade, then you can try a Software Upgrade again, but choose the Force upgrade and see if this helps. If you still can’t finish the upgrade successfully, please look into Installation Forum and see if you can find similar problems, otherwise place a question here.

Go to the Setup tab, Company Setup, and check that ‘Search Customer/Supplier/Item list’ are unmarked.
If these lists are marked, then you have enabled search for Customers/Suppliers/Items.
This might be a good idea if you have many records. You can then start a search by pressing space in the list, or use the edit box in front of the list if such one is available. Now enter fragment of Customer/Supplier name or Item id, category or description and press tab. The list will now be populated with relevant records. If you enter a *, all records will be shown.

If you have already implemented the code you can send it to the contributions mailbox found on our Contact Page, or directly to development team members (our mail addresses you will find on the development mailing list). Keep in mind that the final decision whether to integrate contributed code, refuse it, or make it available as an extension module belongs to the ENS ERP core team.

Of course! You can go ahead and convert your reports into Excel or pdf formats. It’s a very helpful option since you can fully format and easily customize your reports if needed.

Contact us through email or phone we will answer your queries

If you have some good ideas to be put here in the FAQs please send us the suggestions by using the ‘Contact Us’ page. Also please leave an answer if you have some smart ideas.-

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